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"I have a small lump on my upper lip, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a small lump on my upper lip, what could it be?


It hasn't changed, and is slightly more red than the color of my lips. It does appear to be filled with anything and it not painful. (a little chapping but thats normal for season changes.) I have psoriasis.


Lip lesions can be a variety of things. Given that most of the time to make a diagnosis, a trained professional needs to see or biopsy the lesion, visiting your primary care doctor or a dermatologist will be necessary. Bumps in the lip can be caused by many things, from benign growths to cancerous lesions. Common causes are moles, which tend to be dark and round, but can also be flesh colored. Those are called dermal nevus. Dermatofibromas are also bumps that can show up just about anywhere. In addition, other things to keep in mind, basal cell carcinoma can commonly be found in the face. These are often described as pearl like, and often times have tinny blood vessels running through them (called telangiectasia). In addition, squamous cell carcinoma can also present as lip lesions. These tend to be scaly or often times can forms scabs or small ulcers. In addition, melanoma can also also present as a lump. These tend to be pigmented (dark) have multiple shades of color, irregular border, and tend to grow. Melanomas can also cause itchiness and occasionally can bleed, although not all melanoma behaves this way. Thus, it is very important to have your health care provider evaluate as you may need a referral to dermatology.

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