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"About 2 months ago I began getting my period every 2 weeks. What could be the cause?"


And, this month I started getting my menstrual cycle every 5 days. Do you know what may be the cause?I am 33. I recently stopped taking birth control.


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor after a thorough history and physical examination. Based upon the limited history, it is impossible to diagnose the cause of this increased rate of menstruation, but your primary care doctor or OB/GYN will be best able to diagnose you and treat whatever the underlying cause is. In general, there are several causes for this which may be related to a variety of causes.

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It is possible that this could be related to stopping your birth control but it is not a common that it would occur this frequently. It may be that you have an endocrine disturbance that may be causing you to have some changes to your menstrual cycle. Sometimes this can be accompanied by other things such as hair growth or loss, lack of energy or increased energy, and changes in your breast size or menstrual cycle. The best way to know the cause of this is to see a doctor and have them perform the appropriate diagnostic tests and decide the best diagnostic tests to find out what is wrong and then the treatment options available to you.

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