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Can you give blood to someone who is not your blood type?

Person told me they gave blood to someone with a different blood type. Want to know if this is true or not
The answer to your question depends on the type of blood that is being donated and the type of blood that the recipient of the transfusion has. There are 4 general types of blood. There is type A blood, type B blood, type AB blood, and O type. There are subtypes of each, but that is not important for this discussion here. As a general rule, if you have type O blood, can donate to anybody because anyone anyone's body can accept type O blood. However, if you have type A, you can only receive blood from other type A people or from type O. If you are type B you can only receive blood from type B and type O. If you are AB, then you can then you can receive blood from any other person (any other type). Thus, the answer to your question depends on the blood type of your friend and the recipient. If your friend is type O, then he might be right. If he is type AB, then he is likely wrong. If you have further questions about this this type of question, please discuss with your primary care physician. In addition, the folks at the Red Cross can often answer questions about blood types as well.
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