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"Why are the soles of my feet so sore when I wake up ?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are the soles of my feet so sore when I wake up ?


Only 53 I am active but my feet hurt in the morning. They hurt for about 30 minutes or so


I'm sorry to hear about the pain in your feet. Pain in your soles can come from a variety of reasons, and thus, you should always be evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon foot and ankle specialist, or at least a podiatrist. Given your description of your symptoms, your presentation sounds very consistent with plantar fasciitis, which is the most common cause of heel pain. Your plantar fascia is a web of thickened connective tissue that lines the bottom of your foot. The term plantar fasciitis jus refers to irritation and inflammation of that web. Your plantar fascia can get tight and inflamed especially when you're on your feet all day, tightening up particularly when you are at rest. In fact, plantar fasciitis classically is worse usually upon waking up or at the end of a long day; that's because these tend to be the times when you are resting your feet. Walking may cause the plantar fascia to get irritated and inflamed, but the act of walking also stretches it out, hence why heel pain improves after some walking around. The best way to address this pain is by daily stretching of your plantar fascia, often by either rolling the bottom of your foot on a refrigerated soup can or gently stretching your toes backward until you feel a stretch all along the bottom of your foot. As always, please consult your orthopaedic surgeon if your symptoms either change or worsen.

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