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"How do throat drops work? "

ZocdocAnswersHow do throat drops work?


can u explain to me how exactly throat drops work? i know it has something to do with making the mucus drip down your throat an thats what causes the temporary relief, but can u explain it?


Thanks for your question. There are many different kinds of throat drops, and so we will describe a few of them. However, it is important to discuss them with your doctor. There are some kinds of drops that have antibiotics and antifungal properties. These are usually prescribed by physicians, and can help with common medical conditions such as thrush. There are other kinds of lozenges that can have a temporary numbing effect, and are especially valuable for people that have a sore throat. This sort of thing is often prescribed after someone has surgery in their mouth or throat, such as having their tonsils removed. There are other kinds of throat lozenges that can have vitamins in them, with the idea that this will help the person to recover more quickly from what is causing them to take the drops. Finally, there are other lozenges that will use medications, herbs, or other supplements such as menthol that can help to decrease pain and provide a cooling sensation by triggering certain nerve and muscle receptors. There are some nice articles online that you can google for more information about menthol and the other additives in drops and lozenges. If you have a problem with a sore throat, and for any other questions, please speak with your doctor.

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