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"Itching on neck and behind ear, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersItching on neck and behind ear, what could it be?


Hello, I have had a few very little bumps across my neck and lower neck by the collar bone as well as the back of my ears for a few days and only this morning it developed into a very itchy kind of rash and the affected skin is red in color and very itchy. My doctor is of no help and I would like to know what it is. I've tried cleaning my skin, applying A+D ointment and taking a benadryl.


Thank you for your question, and I am sorry to hear that your doctor has not been able to help thus far. Still, I recommend that you speak with a doctor and seek another opinion if needed. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for me to help much more without more information, although I will do my best. In general, rashes and bumps of the skin are secondary to things that irritate the skin or something that is present throughout the body that is presenting on the skin. Some of the common things that can result in rashes and itching include trauma, infections, allergic exposures, and similar complaints. Trauma is often, but not always, recognized by the patient (for example, a burn or a rub across the area). Infections can happen in the setting of trauma, a poor or compromised immune response, or just because. Allergic exposures are quite understandable, and new jewelry, yard work, or even a new soap could all be potential causes that you may be able to identify by reviewing things that may have changed in your environment recently. Even other things such as a sun burn can cause the symptoms you describe, or things much more serious that require immediate medical attention. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns, and seek another opinion if needed.

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