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"I took my reminder pill more than 12 hours late, is that ok? "

ZocdocAnswersI took my reminder pill more than 12 hours late, is that ok?


I am on the birth control Tri Previfem and I'm on the last row of my pack. The "inactive" "reminder" pills. Well I took one of the pills about 13 hours late, I then read that you were supposed to throw that pill away and continue with today's pill. Will this screw up my pack for next month? Am I safe?


I recommend that you speak with your OBGYN. You are correct that this set of pills at the end of your pack are the inactive or placebo pills. These pills are made of sugar and contain no hormones that have any effect on your cycle. Therefore, it does not matter what you do with these pills. If you miss one, you can simply throw that away and take the next day pill. The only really important thing for you to make sure that you do is that you start the next months pills on the correct day. This is the only way to make sure that you do not miss a hormonal pill that is designed to help you prevent pregnancy. The only purpose of these "inactive" pills is to keep you in a routine so that you don't forget to take a pill that really matters someday. One thing you could consider is another form of hormonal birth control that does not involve taking a pill every day. There are vaginal rings, hormonal IUDs, implantable devices, and shots that are all effective. They do have their disadvantages, but their main advantage is that they do not rely on you remembering to take a pill every day. The best Dr. for you to see this problem is your OB/GYN. He or she can review the most recent and newer forms of hormonal birth control that can allow you to avoid pregnancy in the manner that best fits you. Good luck.

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