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"Should I take an EMG test? "


For over a year I have had a problem with my legs and thighs. Sharp pain like a knife is stabbing them and dragging through it. Also a pins and needle sensation and sometimes a burning sensation. Also sometimes they swell up. But mostly its the sharp pain in legs and thighs. It gets so bad that It hurts to walk. Doctors have done x rays, cat scan, and found nothing. And also when its cold, thats when the pain is the worst. People say it sounds like a nerve problem and that I should get an EMG TEST. What are your thoughts on this?


It sounds like this has been a very unpleasant episode for you! It also sounds like you are doing the right thing by going over these symptoms with your doctors and trying to work through a diagnostic evaluation in a systematic way. It is reassuring that an x-ray and a CT scan have not shown any abnormalities, but on the other hand you are still having significant pain so it is important to keep going with the assessment. If you are concerned about a possible nerve or muscle disorder, then it is definitely very reasonable to discuss this with your doctor.

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He or she has clearly gone over your medical history and your current symptoms, and so it will be most helpful for your to share your concerns about further testing with him or her. EMG (and the corresponding nerve conduction tests--the full procedure is typically called EMG/NCS) may be useful in your case. However, it can be difficult for even concerned friends or family to always know the full details of your medical records and presentation, so for that reason it is best to continue working with your physician. If you feel that you would like to get a second opinion, that is also a very reasonable thing to do.

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