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"What are the precautions I can take after diabetic toe amputation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the precautions I can take after diabetic toe amputation?


toe amputation was done to my father plz help me


Sorry to hear about your father. I recommend that you discuss this concern with your doctor. One of the best things that your father can do as he tries to recover from his amputation is to work diligently to control his blood sugar. Diabetes is a silent disease, and most people are not as aware of the symptoms of high blood sugar as they could be. Frequent testing can be helpful, and eating a diet that is appropriate for a diabetic (without lots of sugars and other carbohydrates that can be turned by your body into sugars) can be helpful. The reason is that the high blood sugar can affect the blood supply of your body, especially in the smaller blood vessels. That is why some of the nerves in the hands and feet are often affected first, with people having decreased sensation that is known as neuropathy. This lack of sensation can predispose people to having injuries that they don't know about, which can then become infected and progress without treatment because there is no pain. Frequent self examinations of the feet and extremities are important, as are good shoes and appropriate socks. A frequent visit to a podiatrist is also a must. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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