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"Diabetic patient having constant watery white vaginal discharge without bleeding. How to stop this?"

ZocdocAnswersDiabetic patient having constant watery white vaginal discharge without bleeding. How to stop this?


This has been going for a month. My mother is diabetic, 56 years old. We showed her to a gynacaeologist and her paps smear and ultrasound suggest no cancerous lesions. Her ovaries are fine with two very small cysts in right and left, and the doctor said they are so small (<1cm) that its no cause of concern. My mother has had history of high blood pressure which has led to two strokes in 2011. Since then, her medications have focused on reducing blood pressure. Her pressure has been fince since started taking medications, but recently, especially since the vaginal discharge began, her pressure has been very low 80/50 or 70/50 sometimes and otherwise normal (120/80). She has taken antibiotics to kill infection in the vagina but that hasnt worked. How can we stop this?


I think that you will need to go back to your mother's gynecologist for a repeat examination to figure what is going on with this discharge. First, I don't think that some of the other things that are going on, such as the adjustments in the blood pressure medications and the swings in blood pressure readings, would have anything at all to do with the vaginal discharge. This doesn't mean that these issues are not important. In fact, I'd recommend that your mother meet with your internal medicine doctor to discuss them as soon as possible. Regarding the vaginal discharge, her gynecologist will probably want to check another vaginal specimen under the microscope in the office. A yeast infection would be a leading possible cause, especially in a diabetic patient. Another possibility would be bacterial vaginosis, which is a condition in which the bacteria living in the vagina grow out of control. Both of these conditions could be triggered by recent antibiotic use, such as you mention. In a sexually active patient, it would also be important to rule out a sexually transmitted infection. Have your mother call and make an appointment with her doctors as soon as she can.

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