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"My daughter was put a respirator and Versed to keep her calm. How do we have her regain consciousness?"

ZocdocAnswersMy daughter was put a respirator and Versed to keep her calm. How do we have her regain consciousness?


She had MRSA in her lungs. Now they can not wake her without her experencing extreme agitation and they put her under again. How do we have her regain consciousness


I do not know the full history of your daughters condition, so it is important for you to speak with her doctor about your concern. However, it sounds like she had a possible MRSA pneumonia and needing to be supported with a ventilator, which is a machine that helps her breath. Patients on ventilators require a endotracheal tube which is inserted beyond the vocal cords. An endotracheal tube is very uncomfortable which explains why she appears agitated when she is full awake. It sounds like she is still dependent on the ventilator, which is why they haven't pulled the tube out yet. In order to keep her comfortable, versed called midazolam, is used to help keep her calm and sleepy. Once they stop giving her versed, she should be more alert and awake. At this time, it doesn't sound beneficial to regain her consciousness if she still needs the vent. The timeline of patients such as your daughter depends on her pulmonary condition. Assuming that she is otherwise young and healthy, and treated her for MRSA, she would recover and be weaned off the ventilator. You should speak with her doctor personally about this matter such I do not know her condition or her medical history. I hope she makes a quick recovery.

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