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"I don't get my period every month and I pass urine at lot, is there something wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI don't get my period every month and I pass urine at lot, is there something wrong with me?


i dont get my period every month and i pass urine at lot?


Irregular menstrual periods can occur due to many medical problems and unless they are in setting of first year of menstruation (which they tend to be irregular as the hormonal organs that control ovulation are still maturing) or during breast feeding, they require medical attention. Thus, is very important for you to set up a visit with your primary care provider. Causes of irregular menstrual periods can range from simple reasons such as pregnancy (occasionally early on in pregnancy woman can spot and they may erroneously think that it is their period), to medication effect (certain birth control methods) and to hormonal dysfunction. Conditions such as thyroid disorders, pituitary disorders, disorders of the ovaries can all lead to irregular menstruation. Your doctor can help you figured out by ordering simple tests at first such as thyroid function tests, levels of hormones such as LH, FSH, prolactin and even consider an ultrasound and more complex tests if these initial tests are either abnormal or not helpful. In regards to urinating a lot it may not be related to your irregular periods. Drinking a lot of fluids can cause people to go to the bathroom more often, but other conditions such as diabetes, some forms of kidney disease may make you urinate more often. Thus, it is important for you to set up an appointment with your medical provider.

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