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"Why are my knees aching and hot to the touch?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my knees aching and hot to the touch?


My knees always ache, and are hot to the touch alot. The muscles above my knees and on both sides ache all the time. When i wake up in the morning the muscle feel real tight. I have been to the doctors many times and they cant find anything. I feel like they dont beleive me.


Thank you for your question. It can be quite frustrating to feel that you are not on the same team with your health care provider, and it is appropriate to discuss these frustrations with him or her, or to ask for a referral to a specialist or sub-specialist if you continue to suffer without an answer. There are several things that immediately come to mind. Trauma or repeated injury can result in some of these symptoms, as can an active infection. Both of these would likely have been diagnosed previously or you would have some idea why you are having these symptoms. Additionally, you would likely have some other symptoms. There are some kinds of arthritis that can result in some symptoms similar to what you are describing, and there are some tests that are available that can help to determine if you are suffering from this or any other auto-immune disorders. Beyond these answers, there are some things that are difficult to ever fully diagnose. In these cases, the symptoms can generally be managed even though a complete diagnosis is never reached. Please speak with your doctor about your questions and what to do next to help you feel better.

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