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"Do I have appendicitis?"

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Hello, Two days ago I had intense abdominal pain and cramping. Initially I thought it was due to my period, but as the evening went on it became more intense. I had mild nausea and a low fever of 100 degrees. I woke up the next morning with less pain but not completely gone. The pain increased slightly throughout the day but not as severe as the day before, and the fever returned in the evening. Today I woke up in the least amount of pain so far. There hasn't been any increase in the pain only some slight tenderness in my lower abdomen and off to the right sometime. The fever hasn't returned either. It's been a full 48 hrs. All my other functions of urinating, BM's and passing gas have been normal. Although I'm feeling better I'm worried about what this could be? Appendicitis?


It is hard for me to tell from your description if this is acute appendicitis so it is important that you speak to your primary care physician today. Then again, appendicitis is one of the harder things to diagnose. The typical symptoms of appendicitis usually start off as abdominal pain near the belly button. This pain migrates then towards the right lower quadrant of the abdomen just above the hip. Patients usually complain of right lower quadrant abdominal pain and tenderness to the touch in the same area. Patients also complained of fevers, generally feeling bad, and complete loss of appetite. A combination of these symptoms usually prompts the doctor in an emergency department to order a CT scan of the abdomen. If the CT shows an inflamed appendix then the patient will usually have their appendix removed right away. Sometimes a surgeon will remove the appendix regardless of what the CT scan shows. While your symptoms don't fit perfectly into this picture of the condition, your symptoms do warrant further evaluation by your doctor. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician if you can get in today. If you can't, then it might behoove you to be seen in an urgent care setting or emergency department for more urgent evaluation. If appendicitis is thought to be the cause of your symptoms, you will need to have it removed.

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