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"Am I going to get sick from eating an egg that wasn't finished cooking? "

ZocdocAnswersAm I going to get sick from eating an egg that wasn't finished cooking?


I was making a scrambled egg and I was kinda of tired so I didn't notice it wasn't fully cooked, it looked done but wasn't. I noticed it wasn't when I ate it. So I was wondering if I'm going to get sick. I'm so scares because I just got over being snotty and I don't want to have to puke and everything now since I just got over that.


Thanks for your question. I recommend that you discuss your concern with your doctor, especially if you develop symptoms. While it is appropriate to always cook your eggs and other poultry products fully, it is not likely that you will get sick if the eggs have been properly cared for. In the United States, there are many safeguards that go into helping the food that we eat be safe. While salmonella is a common bacteria that can infest eggs and other poultry products, this bacteria is not usually a problem for most eggs in the US that are kept refrigerated and are well cared for. That being said, it does remain a risk, especially in eggs that have had the outer shell broken for some reason. These risks are also elevated in those who are immune compromised for some reason, as during pregnancy, in certain conditions such as HIV, in those who take medications that reduce the immune system (such as steroids), etc. In any of these conditions, the small amounts of bacteria that can be present normally can take hold more than they normally would. These infections, if they do occur, can be quite serious and may require significant medical intervention. Please speak with your doctor about this question, especially if you develop new symptoms.

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