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"Is this a hamstring injury or something else?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this a hamstring injury or something else?


I have had a reoccurring problem with something in the back of my thigh for the past 3 years. Initially i thought it was my hamstring, however after receiving physio and even having rested for periods up to a year, i am starting to doubt if it is the muscle or something else in there which i may have damaged?


Given your persistent symptoms, I strongly encourage you to discuss this with your primary care doctor. Many different conditions can cause pain in the back of your thigh, and it is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis without an in-person evaluation. It is possible you are having continued pain due to a strain or tear of your hamstring muscle or another muscle in your thigh. A lack of improvement despite conservative measure may mean that you require surgical repair. You may need an MRI to fully evaluate this possibility if your doctor feels it is a possible explanation of your symptoms. Many patients experience pain in the back of their thigh due to impingement of the sciatic nerve within their lower back. This condition is termed sciatica. It typically caused shooting pain into the back of the thigh. Patients often benefit from pain medication, rest, or physical therapy. In rare circumstances, patients may require surgery. Another possibility is that you have peripheral artery disease which is causing claudication, or inadequate blood flow to your leg muscles. This is a similar process to coronary artery disease and is often caused by a build up of cholesterol in your leg arteries. This can be diagnosed by performing special blood pressure measurements at different points in your leg. I encourage you to discuss these possibilities with your primary care doctor.

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