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"My uvula has been inflamed for 4 and a half weeks, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersMy uvula has been inflamed for 4 and a half weeks, what should I do?


There seems to be no relief or signs of normality returning to my uvula and soft palate after 4.5 weeks. Have you come across something like this before? Sinuses are also a little inflamed and nose will cleanup sporadically during the day. I will take claritin and do a nasal irrigation and spray a xylitol nasal spray in as well. I gargle with salt water and aloe vera juice during the day. I am taking lots of natural supplements to help boost immune system. Night times I have no problem going to sleep but I tend to always wakeup a couple of hours before normal rising time due to a dryer throat and the uvula being annoying on the tongue. I do snore but have propped myself up with pillows and try to sleep on my side as much as possible. I am feeling a little distraught that this is lasting so long.


So sorry to hear about the symptoms that you are describing. I recommend that you speak with your doctor. This is actually somewhat common among those who snore, unfortunately, as the turbulent airflow over the back of the throat can lead to swelling that makes the uvula inflamed and enlarged. This of course further disturbs the air flow and leads to further problems, resulting in an unfortunate cycle. While propping up your bed and sleeping on your side are good ideas, they do not reach at treating the true cause of the problem. It sounds as if you may have a condition known as sleep apnea, as you describe night time awakenings, poor sleep, and snoring. While none of these are diagnostic of obstructive sleep apnea, they are all very suggestive especially among males with a large neck and those who are overweight. This condition has been associated with numerous other medical problems, and can lead to further problems and deterioration of your overall health if it is left untreated. Speaking with your doctor about your concerns is an excellent first step towards treating your problem. A specialist such as a sleep medicine specialist or an ear nose and throat surgeon can be helpful. Please speak with your doctor.

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