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"What could make your body to shake and what could make you feel heart beat through out your body?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could make your body to shake and what could make you feel heart beat through out your body?


I can drive my car and my body moves, I can be in my bed and my body moves, and it moves everytime my heart beats, I can actually look and see my head move without me moving it myself?


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. I encourage you to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician, as it is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis without a thorough, in-person history and physical exam. As your heart beats, it propels blood through your aorta (the large blood vessel exiting the heart) and through the numerous branches off the aorta. This results in your systolic blood pressure (top number). Your aorta stores energy during this period and then squeezes between heart beats. This also propels blood through the body and results in your diastolic blood pressure (bottom number). If your systolic blood pressure is extremely high, such as in malignant hypertension, the increased pulsations in your body could be visible, especially if you are very thin. In addition, it is important for your doctor to rule out aortic insufficiency. This is caused by a leaky aortic valve, which can cause blood to flow abnormally back into your heart. In this condition, your heart often beats with increased force to compensate for this leakiness. Patients can display a head bob, known as De Musset's sign. A typical evaluation by your doctor consists of a history, physical exam, and EKG. Depending on these findings, you may need an ultrasound of your heart.

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