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"Can I travel to Costa Rica in 6 days was diagnosed with mono yesterday?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I travel to Costa Rica in 6 days was diagnosed with mono yesterday?


I was diagnosed with mononucleosis yesterday, 11/3. I had a fever three nights in a row from 10/21-10/23. That went away. Starting this past Thurs, 10/31, more symptoms started to appear. My throat glands hurt to touch, felt very swollen, it began to hurt to swallow, I had a lot of congestion. I have been napping more often the last few weeks (I have taken a few three hour long naps). I started taking methylprednisolone today. I am supposed to be going on a two-week environmental education trip to Costa Rica in 6 days- this coming Sun.11/10. The trip involves some light hiking, one day of snorkeling, a few long car rides, and lectures from speakers. There will be some rest time in the evenings but it involves many early mornings. My liver numbers are also slightly elevated. I have an appointment this Wednesday where they will be re-checking them. That will help me make a decision as well, but I would like another opinion.


Thank you for this interesting question, and I am sorry to hear about your recent illness. In order to provide an accurate recommendation regarding your health, a physician would need to collect an entire medical history and perform a thorough physical exam. In addition, a doctor we need to have access to your previous blood work. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to raise these concerns with a primary care physician. After reviewing this data, they will be able to make recommendations regarding the safety of your upcoming trip. Infectious mononucleosis is usually caused by the Ebstein Barr Virus. This can cause fever, sore throat, and fatigue. In some patients, it can cause liver inflammation, jaundice, and enlargement of the spleen. In some patients, the spleen can become severely enlarged and can be at increased risk for rupture, especially if they suffer a trauma. Treatment typically consists of conservative management with medications such as ibuprofen to help control fevers. Many patients experience extreme fatigue, which can persist for weeks to months. If you have already experienced abnormal liver tests, it is important to ensure these normalize over time. Other pre-existing medical conditions can effect your safety with mononucleosis. I encourage you to raise these concerns with a primary care physician.

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