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"I cannot find my Procardia xl pills, is it ok if I just don't take it? "


Had a c-section on 9/3/13, I have 4 pills left. Have a doctors appointment on friday. bp was high after c-section, checked bp 15 mins ago seems normal.


When you run out of any pill, you should call you doctor (in this case primary care or OB/GYN) for advice and a refill. Procardia (also known as nifedipine) is a type of blood pressure medicine that is acts to dilate blood vessels in the body which reduces blood pressure. It is not used commonly anymore, except in the cases of pregnancy associated hypertension after the baby is born.

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Usually the hope is that after the baby is out that blood pressure begins to normalize. In most people it does and in some it does not. It really depends on the person. My patients that have this problem generally need less and less of it as time goes on. Because the blood pressure in these types of patients is a moving target, I usually have them take the medicine only when the blood pressure is above a certain amount. Over time if it stays high despite taking the nifedipine, then I might switch them to something else. In your case, the purpose of the nifedipine is to reduce your blood pressure if it is high. Generally speaking, if you checked your BP and it is normal, then at that moment it might be okay not to take - but it is important to speak to your doctor. However, if later on you have higher blood pressure and no pills to take, then you are more at risk for the complications of high blood pressure. This is why I always recommend that when you run out of any pill, you should call you doctor (in this case primary care or OB/GYN) for advice and a refill.

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