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"Could the molar of baby be broken?"

ZocdocAnswersCould the molar of baby be broken?


My 16 month old baby boy has a molar that came in. The part of the molar by the cheek looks like it's broken but the other side it looks like the other part is coming in. Is it possible that it is just coming in crocked or broken?


Thanks for your question. While many different things are possible with baby teeth (deciduous teeth, as they are often called, because they will eventually fall out), it is unlikely that they would come in cracked or broken. This is because of the fact that they are very strong relative to the rest of the bony skeleton at such a young stage, and are quite resistant to routine trauma. If your child has experienced some significant trauma in the past, such as a motor vehicle accident, a fall, or something else quite serious, it is possible that he or she could have some problems with these young teeth. Despite all of that, however, it would be quite unusual. It is more likely that the appearance of the teeth as they are coming in is different than what you would expect as part of the tooth remains covered with the gums. Looking up some examples of what normal baby teeth should look like as they come in may provide you with some reassurance. Fortunately, if you have concerns, there is a dentist near you that should be able to help make you feel better or answer your questions. Please speak with your doctor or dentist.

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