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"If I don't get stitches, can my lip heal up good without looking gross?"

ZocdocAnswersIf I don't get stitches, can my lip heal up good without looking gross?


My tooth went through my lip


Short answer is that you probably need to at least be seen by a doctor to make sure that you don't need stitches. Obviously, the decision as to whether or not you get stitches depends on many different factors. First, is the wound clean. If the wound is dirty, then it may not be good to close the wound up until some the bacteria and debris is removed so as not to trap it inside and cause other problems. Second, where is the wound? If it is in an obvious location, then there may be more of a need for a primary closure. Primary closure is when the wound edges are brought together either with a stitch, a staple, glue or something else. Most often, the final result of the healing process look the best after a primary closure, as the scar itself will be more fine due to the skin not needing to go through as much work. Secondary healing is sometimes called inside out, where the base of the wound heals first and then the skin heals last. No stitches are used, and this is effective in some contaminated wounds. Please speak with your doctor for the best results and for your health.

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