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"How can I reduce face swelling?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I reduce face swelling?


how to reduce face swelling


This is a hard question to answer without more information. I recommend that you speak with a doctor. Face swelling can come from many different areas, and so it is important to understand if there is anything more that is causing your problem. For example, during pregnancy many women will have swelling in their entire body and will also note some swelling in their face. Obviously, some swelling can be normal, but severe swelling should be discussed with your doctor to make sure that there is nothing more that needs to be addressed (some conditions in pregnancy can cause swelling that is quite serious). If you're not pregnant, there are conditions that can cause swelling all over the body, such as heart problems, liver problems, or even kidney problems (among others). Medications can cause swelling as well, and sometimes the swelling can be isolated to the face (such as in angioedema, which can be an emergency). If only the face is swollen, infections can play a role, and also vascular problems such as those that impair drainage from the face. Sometimes there can be clues such as vision changes that suggest more about the problem. Whatever your problem is, please speak with a doctor to get the care you need.

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