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"Is Kirkland's Daily Multi Vitamin comparable to Women's One-A-Day Vitamins? "

ZocdocAnswersIs Kirkland's Daily Multi Vitamin comparable to Women's One-A-Day Vitamins?


I have no particular health complications, I'm just looking for the best multi vitamin to be taking to maintain a healthy body.


Thank you for your interesting question. This is a complicated and controversial topic. I recommend you schedule an appointment with a primary care physician, as it is important to know the full details of your medical history before making a recommendation regarding a multivitamin. In general, vitamins are not regulated in the same manner as prescription medications. A recent study found that many vitamins do not contain the substances they claim, and they may even contain ground up weeds or flour. Some can even contain known toxins. There are many instances of vitamins being removed from the market due to severe side effects such as liver failure. A recent study investigating the benefit of multivitamins in the general population found that multivitamins have no benefit. It is important to discuss these different vitamin formulations with a primary care doctor. Depending on their specific content, they may pose certain risks with your other medical conditions. They may also have dangerous interactions with other medications. For instance, coumadin, a common blood thinner, works by preventing vitamin K recycling. Certain vitamin supplements can interfere with this, which could cause life threatening bleeding. I strongly encourage you to raise these concerns with a primary care doctor.

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