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"I'm having strange vaginal secretions. Should I be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm having strange vaginal secretions. Should I be worried?


Vaginal secretions are normal for me, but not ones that are semi-solid and stringy. They are only secreted when I poop, otherwise I have none. I am 23 years old and pregnant. This is why I am uncertain if I should worry.


Vaginal secretions during pregnancy can be quite normal. However, given the delicate stage and the many changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy, it is very important to bring this up with your obstetrician. The appearance of the vaginal secretions often times can help crew your doctor what is possibly causing this. White, lumpy (cottage cheese like) vaginal secretions often times are due to candida infection. Odorous secretions that have a fishy smell often times is caused by a bacterial infection and the condition is caused bacterial vaginoses. Odorous secretions that are itchy/burning can also be cause by trichomonas a parasite. During pregnancy, the normal flora is often time disrupted and woman may be more susceptible to different types of vaginitis. Your obstetrician will have to test you for group B strep and given that you are having this type of discharge, you should bring this up to make sure you are not missing any of the conditions that could put your fetus at harm. While pregnancy can cause you to have a normal amount of discharge, if it looks different or starts out of a sudden, you definitely needs to brings this up with your obstetrician to rule out any infection that needs to be treated promptly.

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