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My wife is having problems after sling surgery for stress incontinence, could the sling detach?

My wife just had a sling put in for stress incontinence yesterday. There has been consistent soreness. She moved suddenly a few hours ago which caused a sharp pain and now the soreness is gone. Did the sling detach?
Sorry to hear about your wife's symptoms. Please have her speak with her surgeon about this pain that she was experiencing, as well as the lack of soreness after that brief period of pain. There are many potential possible explanations, and your surgeon will be best prepared to know what is most likely to have caused these symptoms and this pain. Certainly it is possible for this sort of surgery to have a failure rate, just like with any surgery, and her pain and symptoms could indicate some sort of problem with the procedure. It is perhaps more likely that other, less well secured, sutures could have ruptured and led to the pain and the symptoms that she was describing. There are other explanations as well, and your surgeon will be best prepared to answer all of her questions and direct her as to whether or not she should move her follow up appointment forward in light of the symptoms that you have described. Please speak with your surgeon for further direction and instructions at this time.
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