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"One side of my throat is sore and I have difficulty to swallow. Can I treat it at home?"

ZocdocAnswersOne side of my throat is sore and I have difficulty to swallow. Can I treat it at home?


For the past week, I've had increasing difficulty swallowing. My swallowing has become painful and takes more effort. When I looked in the mirror I saw redness and swelling in the back right side of my throat, just behind my tongue. When I felt it it felt rough and bumpy, unlike the other side which is smooth. I've tried gargling salt water and eating easy to swallow foods (which still hurt going down). Can you give me an idea as to what this is? Is there any way I can treat it at home?


Thank you for this question. You need to see a doctor, specifically an ear nose and throat surgeon (AKA ENT AKA otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon). The irregularity that you are describing in the back of your throat is not normal, and could quite possibly be something very serious. The range of possibilities varies from something as serious as cancer (which can happen even in people who do not smoke, and is common in this region due to some of the common viruses that many people come into contact with) and also includes infections such as the common sore throat. With most infections, however, it would be expected that both sides of the throat would be red and involved. When only one side is affected, it raises concerns about there being a more serious problem, especially if your symptoms have been continuing to grow with time. If you have lost weight, had increased fatigue, or had ear pain or lumps and bumps in your neck, these would all also be very concerning symptoms. Speaking with your doctor in the very near future will help you to make sure that you are treated promptly. Please speak with your doctor about this soon.

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