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"Why am I having constant head aches?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I having constant head aches?


The past week I have been.getting these crazy head aches. It started out as a normal headache, just a tiny one but as the week went on they got.worse and worse. It doesn't hurt in the morning, it starts around 1 that it starts hurting and the pain escalates through out the day, only sometimes stopping. The worst pain is at night time. Its so bad that I don't even.want to keep the lights on in my room.or look at my phone. What do I do?


This is a good question. It is very important that you seek care as soon as possible to determine what is causing your headaches. Make an appointment with your primary care doctor or go to an urgent care or emergency room if the pain is severe and you cannot get relief. A doctor will do a full history and physical and depending on what is discovered during your exam, may order imaging such as a CT or MRI of your head. It is important to know if you have any history of prior headaches. A common cause of headaches is tension headaches which usually are described as feeling as though you have a tight band squeezing around your head. These are often caused by stress, caffeine withdrawal, and lack of sleep. Migraines are another cause of headaches. These are usually worse on one side of the head and are characterized by photophobia (light makes the pain worse), pounding pain, and nausea. Although most causes of headache are benign, rarely a constant headache can be a sign of something very serious such as a brain tumor or aneurysm so again, it is very important that you seek care as soon as possible.

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