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"I having severe neck pain, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI having severe neck pain, what could it be?


Mild Loss of normal cervical lordosis noted. Verterbral bodies are normal in height and signal intesity pattern. Early marginal osteophytes are noted Dessication of c4-c5 intevertebral disc noted. Rest of visulised cervic-dorsal intervetebral disc shows normal height and hydration. Diffuse posterior disc-osteophyte complex is noted at c4-c5 level causing mild indentation over thecal sac and bilateral traversing c5 nerve roots (Rt>LT) pedicles, lamiane and spnous processes are normal facet joints are normal spinal cord is normal craniovertebral junction is normal pre & paravertebral soft tissue appers normal. lumbar spine reveals no abnormality Impression Diffuse posterior disc-osteophyte complex at c4-c5 level causing mild indentation over thecal sac and bilateral travesing c5 nerve roots (Rt>LT) no other significant abnormality noted


Thanks for your question. It seems that this is a scan that you have obtained from somewhere that you are including verbatim in the question. It is always important for your doctor, especially if that doctor is a surgeon who is making recommendations, to actually look at the scan rather than just trust the read of another doctor. In that way you have multiple physicians who are able to overlap their knowledge to make sure that nothing is missed and you get the correct diagnosis and treatment. With that as a caveat, it is important to note that scans and neck/back pain are not necessarily consistent. One scan can look the same as another, but the symptoms that a patient suffers from can be very different, and so it is important to understand what you are feeling and where you are having the pain as well. The Impression part of the note you have copied describes some changes to your C spine that could be contributing to pain and suggests a possible target for intervention. Speaking with your spine surgeon will be the next step in helping you to feel better. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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