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"Is this pain from the screws in my hip? "


I am 19 and I had surgery in both hips (trochanter reduction surgery, they took a section out of the middle of my trochanter and then put it back together with screws. A method to resolve snapping hip and chronic bursitis). I have pinching aches constantly reoccurring in my hip (3 months post surgery of one hip and 6 months of the other hip). Is this pain from the screws? Or could this be bursitis again? How is screw pain supposed to feel like?


So sorry to hear about your problem. Whenever you have undergone surgery, there is always the concern that there could be some persistent post operative pain. This is especially true when part of the reason that you undergo the surgery is to help with pain as well.

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In situations like this, it can be hard to differentiate what pain is due to the surgery, and what pain is more likely due to some residual problem in your body. The exact location of the pain as well as some of its characteristics (such as, is it a shooting pain, an aching pain, a throbbing pain, etc). Different causes and locations of where the problem is can affect the characteristics of pain, and so these things are important to help your surgeon or doctor pinpoint the problem. Fortunately, your surgeon should be able to provide some insight into your problem. Specifically, he or she can make recommendations for rehabilitation that may improve your symptoms. Additionally, if there is no obvious problem that can be rehabilitated, he or she can make recommendations to help you work with someone who specifically treats postoperative pain. Again, please speak with your surgeon about your symptoms.

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