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"My friend has chicken pox. His eyes have been watering accompanied by eye dirt. Is this normal? "

ZocdocAnswersMy friend has chicken pox. His eyes have been watering accompanied by eye dirt. Is this normal?


The watering started this morning. He was diagnosed two days back. He is 19 years old


It sounds like this must be very unpleasant and uncomfortable for your friend. In general, the chicken pox virus does not typically cause eye symptoms such as you describe. Adults with a chicken pox infection can be very, very uncomfortable, as the symptoms do tend to be more severe and bothersome in adults than in children, but the more typical presentation is the obvious skin manifestations an then feelings of fatigue and malaise. If your friend is experiencing significant eye concerns particularly with any eye pain or changes of vision, it is best that he see his doctor right away for an evaluation. Hopefully this will turn out to be nothing more serious than a mild allergic reaction or even a benign viral infection (just because someone has one illness doesn't mean they can't catch another!), but one certainly wouldn't want to miss the rare but more serious conditions that can affect the eyes and potentially cause much more serious problems with vision. If your friend's primary care physician sees anything particularly worrisome on exam or hears about any "red flag" symptoms, he or she can easily refer your friend to an ophthalmologist if necessary. Hopefully your friend will feel much better soon!

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