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"What is this hard lump under my right hear?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this hard lump under my right hear?


i was diagnosed with bells palsy about 2 months ago, its pretty much completly gone already but i noticed i have a hard ball shape under my ear its hard and dosnt move. dosnt hurt if i push it, but my neck does feel a little stiff. not sure if thats cause i keep moving it , im pretty worried im 19, thanks.


Sorry to hear that you have a lump under your ear that has you worried, and that you were recently diagnosed with Bells palsy. As I'm sure you are aware, Bells palsy is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that other causes of facial paralysis need to be ruled out before a correct diagnosis can be made. It is for this reason, that I am going to recommend that you see and ENT or Ears Nose Throat physician to get evaluated. It is very possible that you have idiopathic facial paralysis (aka Bells palsy), and a coincidental lump under your ear, however it is also possible that the two may be related. You have a large saliva gland in your cheek called your parotid gland. The facial nerve (cranial nerve 7) comes out from your skull base and goes right through the middle of the parotid gland and out to the muscles of facial animation. One cause of facial nerve weakness is a tumor within this parotid gland that is pushing on, or infiltrating the facial nerve. It sounds like your facial nerve weakness is resolving, which would mean that it is very unlikely that there is a parotid tumor, but nonetheless I recommend seeing an ENT. They will be (hopefully) able to set you at ease that there isn't something bad going on, and they can also tell you what the lump is underneath your ear after examining you. Best of luck.

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