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"I noticed something white on the side of my mouth, just beside my teeth. Is this something harmful?"

ZocdocAnswersI noticed something white on the side of my mouth, just beside my teeth. Is this something harmful?


I recently noticed something white(it also looks like a string) at the back of my mouth(covering a small space, maybe 1 cm big, could be smaller..). I also noticed the on the same side of my mouth, it is sort of swollen, I could see my teeth marks on it. Also my wisdom teeth is still growing, too, does this also have to do with any of this? I hope this is nothing bad. :(


Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear about your concerns. It is hard to understand exactly what you are referring to, but many people will have some changes in their mouth as their wisdom teeth, or 3rd molars, start to grow in. This is because the extra dentition can lead to crowding in the mouth that can cause displacement or malposition of other teeth. For this and other reasons, many dentists and oral surgeons will recommend removing wisdom teeth sooner rather than later. So it is important to discuss your concern with your doctor or dentist. Some of the changes could be explained by you having bitten your mouth or the side of your mouth due to some of these changes. Often, the trauma of a bite will lead to swelling that will then lead to more biting and more trauma, which can be a troubling cycle that contributes to this sort of problem for some time into the future. Of course there are other things that can cause swelling and the problems that you have mentioned, and so it is important to discuss this with your doctor or dentist to make sure that there is nothing more serious that is causing your symptoms. Please speak with your doctor or dentist.

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