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"I have a soft bump above my left ear, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a soft bump above my left ear, what could it be?


its been there for six years


Thanks for your question. There are many different things that this could be, so let's review some of the more common options. First, cancer is one possibility. While this is a possibility, it is less likely as most cancers will not persist for 6 years without causing other symptoms. It is still important to have any bump examined, however, in part due to the risk of cancer. More likely, lymph nodes can be found behind the ear and will often be felt beneath the surface of the skin. They can change in size and shape, and are often similar to an almond in size beneath the skin, growing with infections and then resolving when you get better. Next, there are soft, fatty tumors that can grow under the skin and are known as lipomas. This can be present anywhere on the body, and can either slowly grow or be stable for long periods of time. They rarely will change or become malignant, and can often be followed by your doctor without a need for excision if he or she feels that is appropriate. There are many good methods to determine what exactly you have, and so please speak with your doctor.

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