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"While biting my nails one slipped to the back of my mouth?"

ZocdocAnswersWhile biting my nails one slipped to the back of my mouth?


The nail is now stuck at the back right hand side of my mouth, and caught in the skin. I can reach and feel the nail with my finger, but it is out of reach to grip it. Is there any easy way to get it out, or will it come loose naturally?


Sorry to hear about your problem. Most often, this sort of problem will work itself out over time, as the mucosa inside of your mouth is designed to repair itself rapidly when it is wounded or otherwise assaulted (as we all know, injuries on the inside of our mouths are quite common). It is always best to make sure that this sort of thing is not a more serious problem, and that it doesn't lead to something more serious. For example, sometimes a small injury such as that can lead to a more problematic infection that can need more aggressive treatment. Most doctors will tolerate a short amount of time waiting for things like this to improve before they attempt to remove the nail. That being said, if it is palpable, then it is likely not difficult to remove with the right tools. An ear nose and throat surgeon, AKA ENT AKA otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon would likely be able to help you with this quite simply, if it is something that needs to be addressed. Please speak with your doctor about this and determine what the next step should be for you, and if you need a referral to an ENT.

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