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"I'm trying to get pregnant, when should I have sex?"


I seem to have an irregular period. my cycle is 21,28,23,27 day cycles. I had a copper T fitted which was removed on 7/7/2013. In august my period was on 21/08/2013 for just 1 day. In september my period was on 18/092013 for 2 days. In October it started on 11/10/2013 and lasted til 18/10/2013. And now I've started my period today 8/11/2013.Oh I had a sin 3 cyst removed from cervix after having copper T removed.I've used an ovulation calendar but they don't seem to account for irregular periods. We are trying for a girl if it is possible


This is a great question to discuss with your OB/GYN. There are some standard recommendations we make for intercourse timing for all couples trying to conceive. First, I will say that it is harder to know exactly when to have intercourse when you have irregular periods.

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The fact that you're having periods at least every 20 to 30 days tells me that you are ovulating which is good news because that needs to happen if you're going to conceive. In general what I tell couples to do is to have intercourse every other night starting about 2 to 3 days after you stop menstruating. This should go on for about 2 weeks. If pregnancy is not achieved with this simple method, then I will sometimes ask the couple to purchase an ovulation detector that can be found at most grocery stores. An ovulation detector or indicator looks for the presence of the hormone LH. This hormone rises significantly in a woman's blood just one day prior to ovulation. Thus when the test comes back positive, intercourse should occur that same night. Using one of these two methods, most couples will conceive without problems. Those that continue to have problems conceiving after one year should have a infertility workup or make a referral to a fertility specialist. In your case, you can discuss this issue with your OB/GYN. If you continue to have problems getting pregnant, then you can consider referral to a fertility specialist.

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