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"Am I claustrophobic?"

ZocdocAnswersAm I claustrophobic?


My boyfriend is 10 times my size. He's a big muscular man and I'm a tiny thing. So when we cuddle and he'll put his leg or arm on me. I freak out. I feel like If I can't move when I want or need to I have an anxiety attack. But I'm okay with small spaces. I just have to know I can move when I want. Am I claustrophobic?


Your symptoms do not sound exactly like claustrophobia, but certainly could be. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with the psychiatrist or psychologist for further evaluation. Patients that have claustrophobia described an anxiety or panic sensation anytime you're in a situation in which they feel like they could not escape if they needed to. In other words, it does not always have to be a small place for a claustrophobic person to have symptoms. The symptoms are provoked by being in a situation in which you feel like escape could not happen if you needed to. While being hugged by your boyfriend is not typical instigator of these types of symptoms it is certainly possible that this could be a case of claustrophobia. The next question is whether not it needs treated or you want to be treated. These kinds of phobias are best treated with cognitive behavioral therapy which is a type of psychotherapy that people must be quite dedicated to obtain benefit. If this is the kind of therapy you are interested and then I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with the psychiatrist or psychologist for further evaluation. He or she could definitely let you know if they think that this is claustrophobic symptoms and they would be able to let you know if you would benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. Because of the time commitment, you'll want to know that you will obtain a real benefit from this prior to embarking on this type of therapy.

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