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"Should I visit an ER for my symptoms or can it wait a week for my Dr.?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I visit an ER for my symptoms or can it wait a week for my Dr.?


I think my kidney disease may have progressed further toward failure.I have many symptoms that are getting worse each week and I had a BP of 136/104 heart rate 145 just sitting around the house.Severe Fatigue,nausea,nothing tastes right,cloudy thoughts,constant need to urinate,and even though I'm exhausted I am not sleeping soundly. Should I go to ER or can it wait a week?


That is an excellent question, based upon the symptoms you are describing it is best to seek care in an emergency department setting as your heart rate is very high, and the other symptoms you are having could be related to the kidney disease that you have. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know exactly what is going on from the description you have given as there is only a limited amount of information provided, but for this reason, it is best that you are seen by an emergency doctor who can then evaluate your history and physical examination and perform some blood tests to see what is going on and what options are available to help you. Depending on what is found on the blood tests, you may require dialysis, or other medications and perhaps even an admission to the hospital depending on what exactly is found. Of course, another option is to wait and see your doctor but because of the severity of the symptoms you are describing, it is likely something that should not be waited upon and rather should be evaluated by an emergency doctor as soon as possible.

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