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"My wife has a simple fluid cyst. Does the cyst prevent her from getting pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersMy wife has a simple fluid cyst. Does the cyst prevent her from getting pregnant?


Greetings My wife has a simple fluid cyst in her womb size 7*9*6cm according to the sonar test we made three months ago She had the same problem two years ago and my wife had a laparoscopy cyst surgery and after a year the same problem happened again although she was been treated during that time Does the cyst prevent her from getting pregnant? Laparoscopy cyst surgery are more reliable than the traditional ways?


Simple fluid filled cysts on the ovaries, like the one your wife has, are usually not a serious medical problem and they do not usually lead to any long term complications. Most of these cysts are the result of minor disturbances in the menstrual cycle, and they don't usually imply that there will be long term problems with getting pregnant. However, a large cyst on the ovary does lead to a small but increased risk of ovarian torsion, which is a condition in which the ovary twists on itself, cutting off blood flow. If an ovarian torsion occurs and is not quickly fixed, this can lead to problems with fertility, because it can lead to permanent dysfunction of the ovary. This is why any sudden and severe lower abdominal pain would need to be checked out right away by a doctor to make sure this is not going on. Laparoscopy is usually the preferred method for draining simple fluid cysts, if they must be drained, because it is less invasive and leads to less post operative pain and scarring. I would recommend discussing this issue with your gynecologist in more detail. They will help you decide whether surgical intervention on the cyst is needed.

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