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"I have red spots on the back of throat. Should I go to see a doctor ?"

ZocdocAnswersI have red spots on the back of throat. Should I go to see a doctor ?


I've been sick for 5 days I'm coughing a lot too.


Sorry to hear about your problem. The short answer is that if you are concerned and considering speaking with a doctor, you should probably speak with your doctor or his or her office to get some further direction about how to proceed. This may be done as simply as calling in to his or her office so that they can accurately ask you the appropriate questions that they need to know to help decide when you need to follow up with them. In your specific instance, for example, it is hard for me to know if you need to see your doctor because I do not know more about your past medical history and if there is anything else specific that I should be worried about. In many cases, normal upper respiratory tract infections are quite common and tend to resolve in 5-10 days. These are often associated with a runny nose, sore throat, signs of post nasal drainage (which can include red spots in the back of the throat), red eyes, etc. Plenty of rest and fluids are generally sufficient to get over these. Please speak with your doctor to get specific answers to your question.

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