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"Should I be worried about a foodborne illness?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I be worried about a foodborne illness?


I had pork that was a little pink about 10 hours ago. I suddenly have severe diarrhea and am cramping a bit. I am kinda dizzy and nauseated. Should I be worried about this?


You should make an appointment to see your primary care doctor. Generally speaking, there are some meat products that you can eat without it being full cooked such as steak. The other meat products such as pork and chicken; however, shouldn't be consumed if it is not fully cooked. Pork can contain parasites and other infectious diseases that can cause abdominal symptoms such as the one's you described, diarrhea and cramping. The time of onset of your symptoms does suggest that it may be related to the pork. You should ask your family or friends, and whoever ate the pork that day to see if they also have symptoms. If they do have symptoms, you guys can narrow down whether it was the pork or another food item that you guys ate that day. The nausea and dizziness is most likely from dehydration from your diarrhea. You should drink electrolyte rich fluids such as sports drinks. You should also make an appointment to see your primary care doctor, especially if you continue to have multiple episodes of diarrhea and it is not improving. You can also save a sample of your stool so they can run tests on it if your symptoms and history are concerning for an infectious process. If you feel faint or dizzy, you may also want to go to the emergency room.

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