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Why haven't I had a bowel movement in two days and my stomach hurts?

two days my anus was in pain and the gas I had was hard to get through and two days later I still haven't had a bowel movement and the middle upper part of my stomach is hurting where I have had gull bladder surgery before so I'm really just worried that something is going on with both areas bcuz sometthing is amiss where I had surgery
You are describing symptoms of constipation, anal pain, and abdominal pain. You should make an appointment with your primary care doctor to have your symptoms evaluated. The anal pain you are describing could be from an anal fissure or hemorrhoid. If you have anal pain, it can cause constipation because you are less likely to relax your anal sphincter muscle. Constipation can cause abdominal pain. Other causes of your constipation could be from a poor diet. You should have plenty of fiber in your diet that can be found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole wheat bread. Fiber helps absorb water into the stool so it is soft and can pass through the colon more easily. Another possibility based on your medical history is a possibility that there could be an obstruction, which is a blockage of the colon. You had abdominal surgery which can cause adhesions in your colon which can lead to obstruction. People with obstruction have a distended abdomen, cannot pass stool or gas, and experience nausea and vomiting. Please make an appointment with your primary care doctor to have your symptoms evaluated. Your doctor may want to do a simple x-ray of your abdomen. If you have intense abdominal pain, fevers, or nausea/vomiting, you should go to your local emergency room.
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