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"Severe neck/back/shoulder pain with headache and fever right before period. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersSevere neck/back/shoulder pain with headache and fever right before period. What should I do?


The pain is unbearable and lasts one or two days. Cold packs help, but don't fix it. Pain medicine like Advil does nothing. I've seen lots of doctors, but no one has given me a solution for the pain.


So sorry to hear about your problem, and so glad that you have been to see doctors to get some help. It is very frustrating to have a condition that affects quality of life significantly but can't be helped by routine medical treatments. But it is important to continue to speak with your doctor. With regards to your specific problem, there are a few clues that may provide some assistance. The fact that they seem to be related to your menstrual cycle suggests a hormonal element. The fact that there is a headache associated and that the pain is unbearable and that it lasts a day or two is even more valuable. Migraines are commonly described in a somewhat similar fashion, and can be quite debilitating. Speaking with a neurologist may therefore be helpful, as he or she may be able to at least help control the headache part of your problem. There are many good medications that can help to both prevent and then to abort headaches once they have started, as there are many people that suffer from the symptoms that you describe. The combination of nausea, photophobia, and incapacitation are highly sensitive at predicting who is suffering from migraines. Again, please speak with your doctor, as there are many potential causes.

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