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"Can a boil under the belly button of a man cause internal infection?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a boil under the belly button of a man cause internal infection?


Ingrown hair was removed but turned into a large warm red hard boil. Can this infection reach the stumic or organs


A boil - or abscess in medical terminology - is a common complaint. The infection often begins in a hair follicle, but then develops into a pocket of pus under the skin. The pus in these collections may eventually drain spontaneously, but you may need antibiotics or a procedure to drain the collection, so you should see a doctor promptly for this issue. If your boil, or abscess, is a superficial infection, it likely will drain externally through the skin rather than internally to your abdomen where your organs are located. In very rare cases, the abscess originates from a source inside the abdomen, and this issue usually associated with abdominal pain and/or obstructive symptoms. Most boils are caused by bacteria commonly found on the skin that develop a localized infection. Often, they drain and resolve on their own, and placing a warm compress on the site may speed this up. However, a large boil, especially if you have an area of redness around it or any fever, may require treatment with antibiotics and a procedure, called an "incision and drainage" to help get rid of the pus. It is not possible to diagnose the cause of your boil or to make sure that it will not become more serious without seeing a doctor. I strongly advise you to seek medical attention for this issue, to see if it needs further treatment.

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