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"Can I up the dosage throughout the day of dexamphetamines?"


i am currently on dexamphetamine medications, i was wondering if it is alright for me to up the dosage during the day, for example 10mg/15mg/5mg?


Not without speaking with your doctor. Your doctor prescribes a certain dose of medications expecting that it will have a certain effect. There may be times when the desired effect is not adequate, but it should not be changed without speaking with the prescribing physician first.

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This has to do with side effects, among other reasons. For example, doctors and pharmacists refer to the therapeutic window of a medication. Within this range, the medication has a desired effect, without causing symptoms due to too much medication (as most medications taken in quantities that are too high can cause some problems). This therapeutic window is the "sweet spot" that doctors are looking for when they prescribe a medication. There are times when the dose needs to be adjusted, and sometimes this can be arranged simply by speaking with your doctor over the telephone. Additionally, many of this class of medications are controlled drugs, meaning that your prescription is overseen by the federal government, as there exists the potential to abuse the drug. Using this in a manner not prescribed can be inappropriate in that regard as well. Please speak with your doctor about your question, and make the needed changes with their guidance.

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