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I have been dealing with a health issue for 6 weeks. It started out with a heavy (not painful) feeling on my chest. I was nauseous with a very rapid heartrate. My bloodwork came back okay so they chalked it up to anxiety. I was able to go back to work for a few weeks, however, now I have the worst nausea and vomitting, still with rapid heart rate. Please help me!


So sorry to hear about your symptoms and I recommend that you speak with your doctor. Some of the hardest conditions for doctors to treat are those that present with symptoms that are very vague. A rapid heart rate can come from many things, and so it is hard for your doctor to know what is causing it without more information or symptoms. This can lead to extensive testing that is sometimes needed to look and see if there is something more severe that is causing these problems. When the testing returns as negative, then doctors start to look for other possible explanations, which are sometimes called diagnoses of exclusion. These things are usually conditions that are sometimes not as well understood as other conditions, or they can be common things that are readily treated but sometimes masquerade as more serious conditions. Anxiety is obviously one of the conditions that can seem to be something very serious due to the fact that it can leave you with chest pain, a racing heart, sweating, and other symptoms that seem serious. It is always important to discuss these symptoms with your doctor to make sure you are not having a more serious problem. Please discuss your concerns and this question with your doctor.

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