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"What a pimple looking bump on my vagina lip could be?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat a pimple looking bump on my vagina lip could be?


It didn't hurt so I put a warm compress on it and the next day I could feel it become smaller almost like it was draining and now it's much smaller like it's not even there anymore it looked like there was a white head on it the next day I shave freequently so I assumed that's what it was I noticed another one just like it yesterday. It does not hurt at all it isn't bloody or scabbed over I did use a cheap razor and cheap shaving cream. And after shaving I noticed I had razor burn as well. I spoke to my Gyno and she said not to worry bc when I was pregnant a year ago they test u for everything even syphillis which isn't around anymore! I have been with my partner for 2 years and we are verry commuted to each other should I be worried it could be something more serious like herpes even tho the symptoms are not like herpes?


The symptoms you are describing sound most like a follicular abscess or infection around an ingrown hair, but it is important to speak with your doctor. These often develop in people who shave or wax their pubic hair, and are characterized by a small bump that is sore or tender to touch, which then spontaneously drains after warm compresses and usually shrinks and disappears. You should avoid shaving or waxing for some time, and try to use better razors in the future. You are right that certain infections, which includes herpes and HPV (or genital warts), can cause genital bumps, though these wouldn't usually improve with compresses the way that this did. It is good that you had all the testing done a year ago (and syphilis is definitely still around!). If you are concerned, it is good to bring up your concerns with either your primary care physician or your gynecologist, who can take a closer look that the lesion and determine whether it is likely to be from one of these other infections or whether it is simply a draining abscess that should continue to improve on its own. I would also definitely recommend seeing your doctor if the lesions grows bigger again or if you develop increased pain, swelling, or fevers and chills.

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