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"Is it possible something has “spread” throughout my body just from getting in touch with my eye?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it possible something has “spread” throughout my body just from getting in touch with my eye?


I was using a shea butter cream & I accidentally got some in the corner of my eye The next day I had some blurry vision & a pain like someone was squeezing me eye I got a headache on the side of the head of the eye I got it in along with a stomachache. And a bit of a feeling of an earache in that same side At the doctor he decided it was a probable infection and prescribed me antibacterial eye drops to take daily in that eye. My headache turned to a migraine all around my head and hurting worse in the back leading down to my neck and I felt dizzy and nauseous. I felt strange sensations in my body and a faint pain in my chest. I have sleep issues probably because of my pain in my head and neck. The pain has seemed to spread to my other eye as well.when I move my eye around I still have a bit of blurriness in the left eye . My migraine still feels bad though not terrible.


Thank you for this question, and I am sorry to hear that you have had such horrible symptoms for such a time. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about this question. The eye does have a mucosal membrane that allows different molecules and even infection to pass through in some cases. So it is possible that something could have passed through one of your eyes and gone on to the rest of the body. Based on the symptoms that you have described, it is not clear that this is the case. Most of your symptoms are difficult to trace to a single event such as you describe. There are few infections that will result in this sort of symptoms complex, and there are not many chemicals that I am aware of that would result in these symptoms in such a low dose. One common thing for some people is to have something small initiate a migraine or other headache that then persists for some time and causes symptoms of its own. These generally can be identified if treating the migraine helps to make the symptoms improve. As you seem to have had these symptoms for some time, it is important to speak with your doctor. Again, please speak with your doctor about this question.

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