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"What itchy huge lumps under the skin all over the body could be?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat itchy huge lumps under the skin all over the body could be?


Hi, my boyfriend has been having a skin problem for the last month. The only life change he has had is a job change in the last month. He works at Pep Boys now. He keeps getting huge really itchy lumps under his skin. They have appeared on his back, face, feet and arms. He can sooth them with a warm towel. They seem to itch more at night then during the day. He is awakened from the itchiness every night. Clothes seems to irritate them. They last for about three days and then go away leaving a red mark behind. More appear later around the same area the last one appeared in. He does not have any health insurance or the funds to go to the doctor right now. Can someone please give their professional opinion and help him.


This is a great question. I understand that your boyfriend does not currently have health insurance but it is important that he seek medical care to get a correct diagnosis and treatment. Look up to see if there are any free clinics in your area or talk to a primary care doctor's office about a payment plan. Although it is difficult to know what is causing your boyfriend's symptoms without examining him, there are a few possibilities for what it could be. The first is urticaria, which is known by most as hives. These are very itchy welts that can appear on any part of the body. They can range in size from as small as a few millimeters to as big as a dinner plate. They usually last from 1-3 days and new ones appear as the old ones fade. They are usually caused by an allergic reaction so the fact that they began after starting a new job makes this likely. He could try taking an antihistamine to help with the itching if he doesn't have any contraindications. Of course, there are many other possible causes of his itchy lumps which is why it is important that he make an appointment to be evaluated as soon as possible.

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