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"Why does my mouth twitch?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my mouth twitch?


My girl friend says that it's because I smoke but I doubt it. I feel like if my mouth is going to stay like that it just starts moving from one side to the other even when im not talking. I also feel tired most of the day and I sleep a lot. I sometimes feel real weak I feel really anxious the other day I felt like if I was going to have seizure my body just feels really intense. I really don't no how to explain it but I think something might be wrong!


Thank you for your question, and I hope that you are able to quit smoking due to the number of side effects that it can cause. You have suggested part of the likely answer in your question, as fatigue can at least augment muscle twitches and movement such as you have been experiencing. While it is not always the only cause, being too tired can alter the firing an initiation of muscle spasms that can lead to some of the symptoms that you seem to be describing. The good news is that this hypothesis can be readily tested by simply trying to improve your sleep hygiene so that you are able to experience a good night's sleep. If you are able to do that but still have some of the problems that you are describing, then there may also be another cause. Your doctor will be able to recommend testing as appropriate based on what he or she feels is the most likely cause. Anything that affects the nerves or muscles can be at fault, and so a physical examination of the area can lead valuable information for your doctor. Please speak with your doctor about this problem and also your fatigue.

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